Guide to Canoeing The River Wye

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  Redbrook To Chepstow  
Miles from Glasbury Miles from last point  
84 1.5 Redbrook (SH PH)
NGR SO 536100

Village with shops on left and inn on right. Large boulders in river above disused railway bridge now used as a footbridge. It was at Redbrook that the last recorded act of piracy took place on the River Wye when men came down from the Forest of Dean and captured two barges. There is no record of their arrest.

87.5 3.5 Bigsweir Bridge
NGR SO 539051

Narrow road bridge on the A466. Note that this is the upstream limit of tidal water. Rapids 0.5 miles downstream of bridge.

88.5 1 Llandogo (SH PH)
NGR SO 526041

Village with shops and inn on right. There are some rapids between this point and Tintern and the banks become muddy from here.

91.5 3 Brockweir Bridge (LP SH PH)
NGR SO 539011

Village on left with shops and inn. Landing at restored stone landing on left bank just upstream of bridge, although this can be awkward and muddy at low tide. No permission required. Very limited car parking in village. Alongside the river are the remains of old quays where supplies from sailing barges were loaded and unloaded in the past. Rapids below bridge when tide is out. Important: From this point, the river should only be used by canoeists with reasonable experience. There is currently no landing site at Tintern or downstream after chepstow as dangerous weirs are exposed at low water. The tide is considerable and canoeists should leave Tintern not later than one hour after high water and travel straight through to Chepstow. High water at Tintern is 4 hours before high water at Dover.

93 1.5 Old Railway Station, Tintern
NGR SO 536006

Café, Information Centre and picnic area on right.

93.5 2 Tintern (SH WC PH i)
NGR SO 535000

Village on right with shops and inns. Footbridge across river. Ruins of a magnificent 12th century Cistercian abbey and now popular tourist attraction on the right. Important: Canoeists should leave Tintern not later than one hour after high water and travel straight through to Chepstow.

100 6.5 Chepstow (LP CS SH WC i)
NGR SO 535944

Walled market town with extensive remains of a 11th century Norman castle and town gate. Landing on slipway near Boat Inn. Please note that landing here usually involves wading through soft mud that can be very dangerous. Limited car parking nearby. See separate plan.

Canoeists are recommended not to attempt to canoe below Chepstow as the junction with the River Severn has very dangerous currents.