Inflatable Canoe Review  :-

The Zpro Flash FL200 inflatable canoe is designed to go almost anywhere and handle grade 5 to 6 rapids. Its made out of a thick rubber type material similar to that which zodiac dinghys are made out of.  The Floor can be inflated to 7 psi and its sides to 3 psi making it extremely rigid, its so rigid it almost feels like you are in a solid canoe. It has got 12 drain plugs meaning that it will never fill up with water in heavy spray as you can open the drain plugs and make it self draining. Its still designed to carry two adults it is more roomy than the Tangos TA200, it uses the same excellent seats as in the Tango. Its rigidity means that it performs much better than the Tango and is quicker through the water.

Pros - extremely robust and designed to go almost anywhere (grade 5 to 6 rapids), like being in a solid canoe, it should last 7 or 8 years or more, bottom mounted Skeg, can be paddled solo.

Cons - It is much stronger, and much more robust than the Tango or Hudson or Colorado, but it does not have removable air bladders (but it is easy to repair using Stormsure glue) The air goes into 2 side air chambers which are part of the boat, and a seperate high pressure floor bladder.


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