Inflatable Canoe Review  :-

The Sevylor K2 Pointer is made out of the same material as the Colorado except it has got plastic inserts built into its front and rear making it cut through the water much more efficiently than the Tangos, Colorado and Hudson. You can either use it as an open canoe or you can fit one of its Spray Decks and turn it into a Solo Kayak or fit the other Spray Deck and turn it into a two man Kayak. You can also purchase Spray Skirts for it to make it completely water tight and keep youn nice and dry in all conditions. You can remove or repair the 3 air bladders just like on the Colorado, Hudson and Tango,  its floor valve is similar to the Colorados accept it is a much more chunky nipple type valve. An example of how good the K2 Pointer is one of our customers uses his on a sea lock all year round in Scotland, he says a solid canoe might be slightly better but it does everything he wants it to do.  

Pros - due to its plastic inserts its quicker and more efficient than the Colorado and Hudson but still nice and stable, its ideal for use in colder conditions as you can stay warmer and dryer, bottom mounted Skeg, can be paddled solo.  

Cons - it has a better floor valve than on the Colorado or Hudson but the floor valve is not as good as the Boston Valve used on the floor of the Tango or Flash.


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