Inflatable Canoe Review  :-

The Sevylor Canyon Canoe is canvas covered (apart from its inner floor) which makes it much more durable than the Tahiti. You can undo a  zip and remove the right hand or left hand side bladder or floor bladder to do repairs or to replace overtime. Its got better seats in it which give better back support, and it comes with  a Skeg (Fin) which can be mounted to the bottom of the canoe which is much more effective than having the Skeg mounted on the rear like it is on the Taihti. The Canyons canvas covering  gives it a little bit of extra weight which helps stop it from skipping around on the water as much as the Taihti and aids performance. If looked after it should last 6 or 7 years or more.

Pros - much better quality than the Taihti as its canvas covered, its nice and stable, its air bladders can be removed, repaired, replaced, bottom mounted Skeg, can be paddled solo.

Cons - not aswell made as the Colorado or Tangos which are made out of a thicker canvas type material and they have got a strong thick durable black pvc bottom. Early models of Canyons suffered a few teething problems which can often be found for sale cheaply on ebay, these problems were ironed out in later models.


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