Inflatable Canoe Review  :-

Aquaglide are owned by Zpro who have proved themselves to be amongst the very best in inflatable canoe technology and design. The New Aquaglide range has been setup to bring the next generation of Premium inflatable canoes to market leaving many of there competitors in there wake.

Aquaglide Chinook 2 - is extremely well designed, nice and stable and is much better put together than the Tango TA300 with a far superior finish and far more pleasing to the eye. Part of the reason for this is that the Chinook 2 Although not as thick as the PVC used on the Tango TA300 is equally as strong as it uses the lighter weight much more pliable latest grade of PVC material.The New High Performace Fin system has a larger surface area and is much more effective than the Red clip in fin used on the Colorado, Tango, and Hudson. The Whitewater seats are excellent and offer much better back support than the seats in the Colorado, Tango and Hudson. The Chinook 2 makes the others look well outdated.     


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