Guide to Canoeing The River Wye

  Section :-  
  Hampton Bishop To Ross On Wye  
  Miles from Glasbury Miles from last point  
38 3 Hampton Bishop
NGR SO 550382

Road (B4224) behind floodbank on left. The village inn, the 'Bunch of Carrots', takes its unusual name from a salmon pool nearby. No launching or landing permitted here.

42 4 River Lugg
NGR SO 565372

River Lugg joins the Wye from the left.

42.5 0.5 Holme Lacy Bridge (CS)
NGR SO 568364

Modern bridge at the junction of the B4399 and the B4224. Landing at Lucksall Caravan Site downstream on left, but only with prior permission of owners (Tel. 01432 870213).

46 3.5 Mancell's Ferry
NGR SO 575327

Fishing croy on left. Follow signs to keep to the right around bend.

47 1 Capler Hill
NGR SO 588327

Steep wooded slope on left bank, leading up to the double ramparts of Capler Camp, an Iron Age hill fort. A variety of birds inhabit these woods and dappled fallow deer may be sighted. From here to Ross, the river follows several large meanders.

48.25 1.25 Carey Wood
NGR SO 573307

Group of islands with rapids in between. The best course is normally to the right of the first island.

49 0.25 Carey
NGR SO 570306

Demolished railway bridge. One of three railway bridges crossing the Wye between Ross and Hereford which were dismantled when the Hereford to Gloucester line closed in 1964.

51 2 Hoarwithy (CS SH)
NGR SO 549295

Road bridge with village on right bank. Post office, inn and the prominent 'Italianate' church of St Catherine's which has featured in at least three films. Landing on left bank about a quarter of a mile downstream of bridge. Prior permission should be sought from Mr Jenkins at Lower Ruxton Farm (Tel. 01432 840223) for the left bank and Mrs Roberts at Tresseck Farm (Tel. 01432 840235) for the right bank.

53 2 Sellack
NGR SO 565280

Suspension footbridge.

54 1 Strangford
NGR SO 578286

Demolished railway bridge on the old Hereford to Gloucester line.

55 1 Fawley Chapel
NGR SO 591295

Interesting chapel on left bank.

55.75 0.75 How Caple
NGR SO 600298

The Inglestone Estate. For 2 miles downstream, the salmon pools are indicated by red and green discs fixed to the trees. Please observe these and paddle on the green side of the river

57 1.25 Hole-in-the-Wall
NGR SO 611286
57.25 0.25 Foy
NGR SO 605284

Elegant suspension footbridge, built after an earlier structure was swept away by floods in 1919. Current restricted by small islands. Channel varies according to level. Church on right after 0.25 miles.

58.2 1.5 Backney Common
NGR SO 589269
A simple metal cross sits on the left bank. This commemorates an act of bravery by the rector of Brampton Abbotts in 1904, who died whilst saving his son and his daughter's friend from drowning. Demolished railway bridge 400m downstream at Backney. Weedy shallows.
61.75 3 Ross-on-Wye (LP SH PH WC I)
NGR SO 596244

Long curve on river from motorway bridge to Wilton Bridge. The market town of Ross sits attractively on a rise above the river, with a backdrop of wooded hills. Interesting features to visit include the market house, plague cross and museums. Landing on left bank below the Hope and Anchor pub. Steps, no permission required. Car parking nearby. Please do not land or launch at Wilton Bridge.