Guide to Canoeing The River Wye

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  Glasbury To The Scar, Brobury  
  Miles from Glasbury Miles from last point  
 0   Glasbury (LP CS SH PH WC)
NGR SO 179394

Village with post office, shops and inn. Many small rapids, usually shallow over the next few miles. These may have to be waded. Launch on the left bank above bridge on Glas-y-Bont Common. Canoeists are requested to launch between 10.00am and 4.30pm to avoid disturbing anglers. Car park at junction of A438 and A4350.

3 3 Hollybush Inn (CS PH)
NGR SO 198404
5 2 Boatside Weir
NGR SO 222427

Natural weir at right hand bend, normally passable right, but inspect at low water.

5.5 0.5 Hay-on-Wye (LP CS SH PH WC i)
NGR SO 229426

Refer to plan. Welsh border and market town with post office, stores, hotels and inns. Castle ruins, but not open to the public. For 200m below the bridge there are shallows and no clear course. Immediately below the landing place, beware of iron stakes in river bed on right, where Dulas Brook joins the river. These may be just below the surface. Landing on right bank 100m below bridge. Steps. No permission required. Small car park.

8 2.5 Clifford
NGR SO 242458

Ruins of Clifford Castle on right bank. Formerly an important border castle. Interesting remains of railway embankments. Do not launch/land on or near Clifford Common, sensitive wildlife site.

9 1 Rhydspence
NGR SO 243473

The border between Wales and England. The old inn on the main road (A438) left bank is the 'first house' in England.

10.25 1.25 Whitney-on-Wye (LP CS SH WC )
NGR SO 259475

Demolished railway bridge. Beware of underwater obstructions. Closely followed by toll road bridge, built in 1802 and one of the few private bridges left in the country. Land on left bank just upstream of bridge. Private. Fee payable. Apply to Toll Bridge Cottage (Tel. 01497 831669). Car parking. Pub and shop are in village, 10/15 minutes walk away.

11 0.75 Boat Inn (PH)
NGR SO 270473

There is a small rapid which sets into the left bank. From here, for four miles the river takes several large meanders and there are some shallows which may have to be waded.

12 1 Locksters Pool (CS)
NGR SO 269462

Deep pool on sharp left-hand bend. Large catches of salmon have been recorded in the series of salmon pools on this stretch.

16 4 Turnerís Boat (CS)
NGR SO 313460

The name of an island passable on the left. Some small rapids during the next few miles to Bredwardine Bridge.

19.5 3.5 Bredwardine (LP SH PH)
NGR SO 337446

Brick built six-arched bridge. Small village with post office, store and inn. Landing on left bank below bridge. Prior permission should be sought from the landowner, Prue Cartwright at Brobury House (Tel. 01981 500229). Limited parking.

21 1.5 The Scar, Brobury
NGR SO 352445

High sandstone cliff on left bank, clothed with beeches. Look out for several large boulders in river bed, often just below the surface.