Guides to Canoeing The River Wye & Other Rivers

  This is a Detailed Sectional Guide to Canoeing the River Wye:-  
1 Glasbury To The Scar, Brobury  
2 The Scar Brobury To Hampton Bishop  

Hampton Bishop To Ross On Wye 

4 Ross On Wye To Redbrook  
5 Redbrook To Chepstow  
  Other Good Sources of Information for Canoeing The River Wye and Other Rivers are listed below.  
  River Wye      
  River Severn      
  River Thames  
  If  you wish to canoe on Canals you need to seek permission from the  British Waterways, they will charge you an annual small fee which allows you to access the various canals and waterways, however if you join the British Canoe Union (BCU), membership of the British Waterways is included as part of there membership package.  

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