Guide to Canoeing The River Wye

  Section :-  
  The Scar Brobury To Hampton Bishop  
  Glasbury Miles from Glasbury Miles from last point  
21 1.5 The Scar, Brobury
NGR SO 352445

High sandstone cliff on left bank, clothed with beeches. Look out for several large boulders in river bed, often just below the surface.

21.25 0.25 Moccas Court
NGR SO 358435

Large mansion in Queen Anne style on right bank, built in 1783. The grounds around the house were landscaped by Capability Brown.

21.75 0.5 Moccas
NGR SO 365433

Abutments only remain of Moccas Toll bridge, which stood from 1868 to 1960 when it was damaged by floods and not restored. Beware stones close to surface.

22.5 0.75 Byecross (CS)
NGR SO 374425
22.75 0.25 Monnington Falls
NGR SO 375429

See separate plan. Land on gravel bank on left for inspection of falls only. The channel, except in flood conditions, is to the left of the island with a small fall at the top. Inspect the whole run of fast water for obstructions and fallen trees.

23.25 0.5 Preston on Wye (CS)
NGR SO 382426

Church near right bank.

23.75 0.5 Byford (LP)
NGR SO 400425

Few houses on left bank. Weedy shallows as far as Bridge Sollers. Landing on left bank 200m below pumping station, in front of black and white cottage. Overgrown area. Site of old ford. Access from road down narrow lane. No permission required. No parking or facilities.

24.75 1 Bridge Sollers
NGR SO 413425

Bridge across river.

26.75 2 Cannon Bridge
NGR SO 432412

Few houses on right bank. No bridge.

27.5 0.75 New Weir
NGR SO 434419

No weir now. Large attractive walled garden on left, well maintained by the National Trust, with surviving masonry and a cistern from the Roman period. Gardens are open to the public from March to October.

29.5 2 Breinton Common
NGR SO 451401

Left hand channel round island.

33.75 4.25 Hereford (CS LP SH PH WC I)
NGR SO 509396

See separate plan. Hereford grew up around an ancient river crossing, which explains its name, meaning 'ford of the army'. Among the many places of interest are the cathedral and medieval chained library, the Old House museum, Museum of Cider, city walls and the old castle site at Castle Green. A variety of river crossings include the disused iron railway bridge at Hunderton, the modern Greyfriars Bridge, the Wye Bridge built in 1490 and the elegant Victorian suspension bridge of 1898. Landing on right bank below old road bridge. No permission required. Car parking nearby.

35 1.25 Bartonsham
NGR SO 523387

Sewerage outfall on left and private road bridge, followed by railway bridge. Small rapid below railway bridge, passage to right.

  38 3 Hampton Bishop
NGR SO 550382

Road (B4224) behind floodbank on left. The village inn, the 'Bunch of Carrots', takes its unusual name from a salmon pool nearby. No launching or landing permitted here.